Senior colorist working for several years in the film industry. With the strength of his experience, he brings his vision and expertise to every project regardless of its format.
Fascinated by images, color and all post-production technical, he has developed unique image processing approach and rigorous workflows that will give an incomparable look to each film.
His diverse range of experiences feed him daily and allows for a better understanding of the universes for which he is requested for.


Grading suite is located in a post house in collaboration with Maelstrom Studios.
The suite is fully 4K equiped, DI theater is also accesible for big projects.
Remote grading is available with the latest communication tools



Pre-production consulting
Post-production management
Technical consulting


Color grading

Color research & development
Shaping creative looks
Setting the mood and visual aesthetic
Collaborative work


Finishing & Mastering

Quality Control
Outputting for different platforms and formats (theatrical release, streaming, broadcast, etc.)